'Niswar' - from the 'Gup Shup' exhibition (see p16)
Asian Textiles - No 43 - 32p, June 2009 available as a Pdf file to download
Editorial - Nick Fielding
An offer I couldn't refuse... - Ruth Barnes
Celebrating a great Victorian silk pioneer
Textile Museum director resigns
Abegg-Stiftung Foundation closes for major renovation
Dutch launch for Batak textile book - Pamela Cross
Exhibition: Traditional weaving looms in Pakistan - Nick Fielding
Exhibition: A unique interpretation of life in the mountain valleys of Chitral - Nick Fielding
Acquisition: A rare textile from the Indonesian islands - Anne-Solène Rolland
Nagaland: Coming to terms with modernity - Lesley Pullen
Books: Shah 'Abbas and the Treasures of Imperial Iran, Sheila R. Canby; Eclectic Collection: Art from Burma in the Denison Museum, Alexandra Green (ed.)
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