Cotton shirt, decorated with hand-painted suras and quotes from the Quran, 15th Century, Sultanate of Delhi, from the Jean and Krishna Riboud Collection, Guimet Museum, Paris.
Asian Textiles - No 42 - 32p, February 2009 available as a Pdf file to download
Editorial - Nick Fielding
In her own words: OATG's new chairman - Aimée Payton
Where next for - Pamela Cross
Exhibitions: The Hajji Babas on display in Washington
Bhutan: The last Shangri-La - Susanna Reece
Textile traditions of Sumatra, Part 2 - David and Sue Richardson
A visit of the museums of Paris - OATG Paris trip - Barbara Isaac, Janice Price, Kay Stanisland
Woven Dreams in the hills of Thailand - Lamorna Cheesman
Buddhist textiles from Chinese Turkestan - OATG visits to the V&A - Peter Corrigan
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