A weaver suckles her baby while working her loom, bronze, height 25.8 cm, depth 22.8 cm, width 15.2 cm from Flores, Eastern Indonesia, 6th century AD (see p. 15)
Newsletter No 37 - 32p, June 2007 - available as a Pdf file to download
Miao Textiles: Some Traditional Processes - Marie Claire Quiquemelle, translated by Graham Narramore
The Bronze Weaver: A Recent Acquisition at the National Gallery of Australia - Ruth Barnes
A "Japanese Gown" - Shelley Tobin
Kimono with a History - Anna Jackson
Resource Centre for Weavers Studio, Kolkata (Calcutta) - Darshan Shah
Reports of OATG Meetings
A New Book on Kyrgyzstan - Nicholas Fielding
Exhibitions: Two Indigo Shows - Jenny Balfour-Paul; Surprising Finds at the British Library - Phyllis Nye
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