'Biralu kotte', the pillow-like structure for creating pillow lace, dating back from the mid-late 1800s.  The intricately carved 'biralu' (bobbins) are made from timbers such as ebony and jackfruit (Photo courtesy of Norrie Peel).  See p.9)
Newsletter No 30 - 32 pp, February 2005 - available as a Pdf file to download
A New Resource for Central Asian Textiles: Stein Collections at the V&A - Verity Wilson
Lace Work in Sri Lanka - Norrie Peel
The Josephine Kane Collection of Dresses from the Middle East - Josephine Kane
Reflections on "Through the Surface" - Lesley Miller
Reports of OATG Meetings
Obituary - Alison Smith
Museums Round-Up
Book Reviews - Cheesman, Patricia: Lao-Tai Textiles: The Textiles of Xam Nuea and Muang Phuan; Kerlogue, Fiona: Batik: Design, Style & History; Kerlogue, Fiona: Arts of Southeast Asia
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Exhibition: Patterns of Culture: Techniques of Decoration and Coloration at University of Leeds International Textiles Archive
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