Newsletter No. 26 - October 2003 Work by Naoko Yoshimoto exhibited in 'Through the Surface', a touring exhibition organized by the Surrey Institute of Art and Design.  Partially deconstructed child's dress with threads from the dress placed at the bottom, the dress then printed by photo transfer.  (See p.29)
Newsletter No. 26 - 32 pp, October 2003 - available as a Pdf file to download
Textiles in the Economic Botany Collections, Kew - Janette Gibson, Alison Lister
The Sari: A Survey - Pinal Martiar Syal, Ashwini Vaidya-Gupte
Conference Report - Carpets and Textiles in the Iranian World, c1400-1700 - Phyllis Nye
Reports of OTAG Meetings
Letters - Beattie Archive Online; Tribal Textiles Website
Museums Round-up
Book Reviews - Goswany, Patkas in the Calico Museum; Bohmer, Natural Dyes and Textiles
Other Books and Publications
Exhibition - Through the Surface - Lesley Millar
Other Exhibition Listings
Lectures and Events
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