Newsletter No. 16 - June 2000 Wedding robe 'uchi-kake', Japan, 1980's (BMAG 1991 M 30).  Man-made fibres, embroidered with coloured silks and gilt thread; see 'Connecting Threads', p.23
Newsletter No. 16 - 24 pp, June 2000 - available as a Pdf file to download
Middle Eastern Textiles and Dress in the National Museums of Scotland - Jennifer Scarce
The Kashmir Connection: A Series of Questions - Valerie Reilly
The Biography of Objects: Warren Hastings' Socks and Gloves in the Ashmolean Museum - Ruth Barnes
Reports of OATG Meetings
Letters - Central Asian Embroidered ikat coat; Indigo; Indian textile sample books
Museums Round-up
Exhibition: Shamiana - The Mughal Tent
Other Exhibitions
Lectures and Events
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