Newsletter No. 15 - February 2000 Floorspread made from two looms width of cotton, embroidered in chain stitch using coloured silks.  Gujarat, India, early 18th century (Newberry Collection WAG T9024). See p.4.
Newsletter No. 15 - 24 pp, February 2000 - available as a Pdf file to download
The Newberry Collection of Embroideries from the Middle East at the Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester - Frances Pritchard
Naga Textiles To-day - Vibha Joshi
One Man's Passion - Lyn Stevens Wall
Textile and Precious: A Birthday Party in Basel, Switzerland - Ruth Barnes
Reports of OATG Meetings
Letter - Textiles and Dress
Museums Round-up
Book Review - Gillow & Sentance, World Textiles: A Visual Guide to Tradition and Techniques
Other Books
Exhibition: New Directions in Felt - Gill Farlam
Other Exhibitions
Lectures and Events
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