Newsletter No. 14 - October 1999 - Composite suit of Japanese armour presented to Magdalen College, Oxford, but the late H.R.H. Prince Chichibu and lent by the College to the Ashmolean Museum.   The 62 plate Miochin school helmet, signed Taira no Narikuni of Kodzuke, is dated 1560.  Most of the rest of the armour dates from the Edo period (1600-1868)
Newsletter No. 14 - 24 pp, October 1999 - available as a Pdf file to download
Turkmen collections at the British Museum - Sarah Posey
Samurai Armour Braids - Jacqui Carey
The Re-Display of a Suit of Japanese Armour in the Ashmolean Museum - Susan M Stanton
The Conservation and Mounting of a Jinbaori, c.1700-1900, in the Victoria and Albert Museum - Marion Kite and Audrey Hill
Reports of OATG Meetings
Letters - Chinese shoes in the Tradescant Collections; Does dress demean the status of embroidery?
Museums Round-up
Obiturary - Jeanne Bromfield
Exhibition: Central Asian Embroideries at the Whitworth Art Gallery - Frances Pritchard
Other Exhibitions
Lectures and Events
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