Newsletter No. 11 - October 1998 Detail of a 'pha nung' (skirt cloth) made on the Coromandel Coast for the Thai market; resist dyed and painted cotton, 18th century, (V&A. no IS 40-1991) illustrated in John Guy, 'Woven Cargoes: Indian Textiles in the East' (see p. 18).  By courtesy of the Trustees of the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Newsletter No. 11 - 20 pp, October 1998 - available as a Pdf file to download
Oriental Carpets in the Victoria and Albert Museum - Jennifer Wearden
Shawls in India and Norwich: The Connection - Pamela Clabburn
Museums Round-up
Reports of OATG Meetings

Asian Art in London - Sue Bond Public Relations

Exhibitions: Minakar: Spun Gold and Woven Enamel - Rahul Jain
Other Exhibitions
Lectures and Events
Books: Woven Cargoes: Indian Textiles in the East - John Guy
Other Books
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