Newsletter No. 9 - February 1998 Indian block-printed and indigo-dyed cotton textile traded to Egypt.  In is C-14 dated to 1275 A.D. +/- 75. Ashmolean Museum, Department of Eastern Art, Newberry Collection.
Newsletter No. 9 - 16 pp, February 1998 - available as a Pdf file to download
Textiles in the Department of Eastern Art at the Ashmolean Museum - Ruth Barnes
Knitting - An Asian Invention? - Montse Stanley
Reports of OATG Meetings
Caring for Textiles - Lorraine Rostant
Letter - Singapore Group
Museums Round-up
Exhibition: Braving the Elements: Conserving Plant Fibre Clothing from Around the World - Conservation Department, Pitt Rivers Museum
Other Exhibitions
Lectures and Events
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