Newsletter No. 7- June 1997 One of the dresses from the Arabian Peninsular being shown in the Hampshire exhibition 'Palms, Pearls and Pinnacles' - See below, p.18. (Photo: T. Evans, HCCMS)
Newsletter No. 7- 22 pp, June 1997 - available as a Pdf file to download
Asian Textiles at the Pitt Rivers Museum University of Oxford - Julia Nicholson
OATG Meetings
Sponsorship for Pitt Rivers Museum: Textile Conservation, an Appeal
From China to Byzantium: Early Middle Age Silks from the Hermitage in St Petersburg, An Exhibition at the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich 25 October 1996 to 26 January 1997 - Deryn O'Connor
Letters - Accommodation in Oxford; tablet-woven borders to coats in the Shaw Collection
Loop Weaves in 19th Century Kashgar - Anne Dyer
Museums Round-up
Out of Isolation: Immigrant Asian Women and Embroidery - Masooda Mazi, Eleanor Viegas
Obitury - Shireen Akbar
Lectures and Events
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