a Paiwan woman’s mourning wrapping cloth (collection of the Museum of the Department of Anthropology, Taiwan National University)

Asian Textiles - No 57 - 32p, February 2014 available as a Pdf file to download
The AGM, 11 January 2014
OATG Events Programme
Recovering the lost woven treasures of Taiwan’s indigenous people - Tsai Yushan
Talismanic clothing, an Islamic tradition - Alain Epelboin and Constant Hamès
Return to Lamalera - Sue Richardson
Textile mystery - Aimée Payton
Reviews: Book - Recovering Lost Woven Treasures: Translation and Transformation by Tsai Yushan reviewed by Pamela Cross; Book - Plaited Arts from the Borneo Rainforest, edited by Bernard Sellato reviewed by Pamela Cross; Collection in Norwich - South Asian Decorative Arts and Crafts Collection reviewed by Agnes Upshall; post OATG AGM Show and Tell reviewed by Agnes Upshall
Other Asian Textile Events
Asian Textiles reader Hywel Coleman comments on an article in issue no. 56, October 2013
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