The Oxford Asian Textile Group (OATG) publishes its journal, Asian Textiles, three times a year, now generally with 28-32 pages. It appears in February, June and October.  We welcome input from members and any other readers – send a review of a book you’ve read or an exhibition you’ve seen, or even something more elaborate. THE DEADLINE FOR THE NEXT ISSUE IS MONDAY 10 JUNE 2019.

Download a Pdf file: Guidelines for articles and pictures for Asian Textiles. For further information or contributions contact the Editor.

Most issues feature a report on a key textile collection, Asian textile resources on-line and also report on current research and recent publications. They each include a valuable section highlighting lectures and new and ongoing exhibitions in Britain and abroad.

Each issue also gives fuller details about the latest programme of talks and visits arranged by OATG for its members.

Current Issue:

Asian Textiles - No 72 - 32p, Spring 2019 Access colour Pdf of No 72 (*see below)
OATG Events Programme
International Felt Symposium, Baku, October 2018 - Fiona Kerlogue
The British Museum Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic World - by Pamela Cross
My favourite… suzani - Angela Seger-Legge
Interview with Philip and Jeannie Millward, of SADACC - Michael Upshall
Deryn O’Connor 1929–2018 - Pamela Cross
Upcoming conferences, exhibitions and awards
Minutes of 2 Feb 2019 OATG AGM and revised Constitution
OATG contacts and administration
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