Now that all back issues of the Oxford Asian Textile Group (OATG) Newsletters/Magazines/Journals (as it has variously been called) are available as downloadable Pdf files from this website printed copies are no longer available except for copies of the current issue mailed to members as part of their subscription..

Issues 1-56 are availble to freely download. Click on the cover thumbnail image of an issue in the matrix of back issues and go to the contents page.  Click on the link in the title line to download the Pdf file.

The current calendar year's editions of Asian Textiles plus the previous two complete years are only available to download via password protected access which is open to all current members of OATG. All editions of Asian Textiles from No. 57 onwards have the username and password required for download printed inside or included on a slip of paper when it was mailed.  Access to the Pdfs is free to all those who received a hard copy either as a member or by purchasing it as an individual issue. If you are not yet an OATG member, go to the membership section of this website and join up NOW! If you do not have the required username or password for issues 57 onwards but believe you qualify for access to them, contact the web editor.

To access the Pdf files with password protection click on the image of the cover in the matrix of back issues and go to the issue's contents. Click on the link in the title line to go to the password protected page with access to the relevant Pdf file.  Click on the link and enter the username and password for the relevant calendar year and then click ‘login’.  On the page that opens click on the link to the relevant Pdf file to download.  The username and password is the same for all three issues in each calendar year.

To find a particular article or review in the back issues search the OATG site using the search box at the bottom right of every web page.